My life is so hard guys. I have to go out to places, eat things and report back to you. It was a struggle, but through the blood, sweat and tears, I present you King Henry’s Court.

When I arrived, I was greeted by a beautifully lit up old church. Yes, that’s the restaurant. Don’t keep walking. I almost made that mistake.

Front of the building
Front of the building


As I set foot in the venue, my eyes were immediately overwhelmed with all the little trinkets and knick knacks sprinkled around the place. I didn’t know what to look at first (side note: virtually everything on the walls is for sale, so if you see something you like, you can take it home with you when you’re done eating).


King Henry’s Court had a very inviting and homely feel, which you don’t find much of these days. The staff were also super dooper friendly and were more than happy to answer any of our questions, or even have a quick chat. To me, having great staff will always earn brownie points for a restaurant.

After a bit of banter, the lovely waitress handed me their menu. When I opened it, I was absolutely floored. Almost everything on the menu was able to be made gluten-free!! (Click here, to see this madness for yourself!)

Any craving you had, would have probably been solved by that menu. The GF range was fantastic!

I decided to choose from their 3 course set menu.

You might want to sit down for the next thing I’m about to say. Are you sitting? Okay… So, for a gluten-free entree, main and dessert, from this set menu, it will only cost you $31.90!! That’s just a fraction over 10 bucks per meal. Craziness. This set menu is available Monday to Saturday.
For my entree, I chose their Thai chicken. The chicken was wonderfully golden brown. It was moist and had a really nice, tangy flavour. The salad underneath was pretty good for a salad.

Thai Chicken
Thai Chicken
Thai Chicken
Thai Chicken

I chose the Atlantic Salmon for my main. The salmon was a decent size for the price. it was well-seasoned, but unfortunately it was a little dry. The mash was creamy and the vegetables were steamed well. It would have been nice to have some sauce to tie the whole dish together.

Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic Salmon
Atlantic Salmon

To round up the 3 course meal, I chose the Rocher cake (the desserts aren’t listed on the 3 course set menu, but don’t be alarmed! Your friendly server will inform you of your options).

This little guy was the star of the night. The cake had a wonderful texture and chocolate taste to it. You get a decent serving of whipped cream which is always awesome. The chocolate ganache icing was so smooth and indulgent. I wish the whole thing was just dunked in it.  The addition of the orange slice was also nice, because it helped refresh my palette and cut through the richness of the cake.

Chocolate Rocher Cake
Chocolate Rocher Cake

All in all, I had a grand time at King Henry’s Court (and so did my wallet)!

I highly recommend that you visit this fabulous place! I’m already planning to go back and try all their other gluten-free options!

Details – 

King Henry’s Court


74 Henry Street
Penrith NSW 2750

Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri 8am – 9pm
Sat – 10am – late
Sun – 8:30 – 3pm


T | (02) 4721 1155
M | 0433 163 797
F | (02) 4722 9989


xoxo DDS